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HING is a group of organisations, disabled people and government representatives that have worked together to create a series of resources for employers.


We work with employers and public bodies to help them implement our resources effectively into their workplace and services. The resources we create are not available for download from our website, as we are keen to ensure that we can work with businesses and offer a level of ongoing support and guidance to aid their understanding of Hidden Impairments.


Employers signing up to the minimal commitments as mentioned on our employers page are provided with a login to our employers portal, where they can download our toolkit and any other resources created by HING.


For more information on the resources we offer please follow the links below:


Uncovering Hidden Impairment Toolkit

The Uncovering Hidden Impairment toolkit is free of charge to employers, all we ask is that employers sign up some minimal commitments in terms of implementing the toolkit. In return employers have full access to the resources as well as the opportunity to receive free facilitated training on hidden impairments, there is no financial input required from employers.

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Specialist training

Each of the organisations involved in HING are specialist in their own field and many offer specialist training to help aid understanding of specific Hidden Impairment.

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