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Specialist Training from The Hidden Impairment National Group

HING Employers

The Hidden Impairments National Group is sharing a series of resources with employers looking to improve their own business environment for individuals with Hidden Impairments.


We are asking employers to agree to three minimal commitments in return for free access to a series of resources developed by the Hidden Impairments National Group.


For information on how to access the toolkit and for further details on the minimal commitments please contact us.


Current Associate Employers

We are delighted to welcome the following employers as users of the ‘Uncovering Hidden Impairments Toolkit:


  • South West Yorkshire NHS Foundation Trust
  • Transport for Greater Manchester
  • Tesco Plc
  • Remploy
  • Carillion / Sky Blue
  • Nabarros
  • West Yorkshire Police


Minimal Commitments

Employers wishing to access the ‘Uncovering Hidden Impairment Toolkit’ are asked to demonstrate their commitment to the recruitment and retention of disabled people, in particular individuals with Hidden Impairments by agreeing to the following minimal commitments:


  • Ensure all staff and managers have access to the Uncovering Hidden Impairment toolkit and are encouraged to use this as a practical resource.
  • Encourage within their business environment an inclusive cultural environment for disabled individuals.
  • Ensure there is a mechanism in place to allow the anticipation of reasonable adjustments for disabled individuals as well as those with hidden impairments at the earliest convenience.