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Specialist Training from The Hidden Impairment National Group

Government Sponsors

HING is delighted to welcome Mark Harper, Minister of State for Disabled People as official sponsor of the group. Below is a statement of support from Mark to show his commitment to this agenda.


‘Building Disability Confidence’

I would like to welcome you to the Hidden Impairment National Group Website.


In support of the Autism Act 2009 (England) and the Rethink Autism Strategy, I am delighted to Sponsor the Hidden Impairment National Group (HING), which was formed in 2010 with the aim of improving service provision and employment opportunities for people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions including Aspergers Syndrome and associated Hidden Impairments including: Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Speech and Language Difficulties and Mental ill Health.


The HING comprises of disabled people with Hidden Impairment conditions, medical professionals and academics and disability specific organisations that offer employment support to disabled people. By working together the HING has already achieved considerable success in promoting the skills, talents and abilities of people with Hidden Impairment conditions to the wider business community, but we recognise that more can be achieved to improve employment opportunities for many more individual’s that want to work.


The Website offers an opportunity for organisations to learn more about the work of the HING and for the group to actively promote the Hidden Impairment Toolkit to employers. This interactive learning and development resource offers the reader an opportunity to better understand this agenda, whilst helping employers to identify the reasonable adjustment work-place solutions that individuals with Hidden Impairments may require to help them meet their full potential.


I am committed to raising awareness about this agenda across government and within the wider business community and am proud that DWP is working in partnership with the Hidden Impairment National Group.

Mark Harper
Minister of State for Disabled People